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  1. mbbmichal


    پیش 8 ساعت

    32:15 gilgamesh/ardyn izunia I beg your pardon



    پیش 8 ساعت

    5:19:06 EDP fans to EDP:

  3. Karen Margison

    Karen Margison

    پیش 9 ساعت

    I think that the members of the "Justice Syndicate" have some kind of mind control powers.

  4. J R

    J R

    پیش 9 ساعت

    YES! So glad you found this!

  5. Hector Martinez

    Hector Martinez

    پیش 9 ساعت

    Here after they announced KOTOR remake

  6. Jacob Loung.

    Jacob Loung.

    پیش 9 ساعت

    The world ends. Kiryu "Resist"

  7. Isaiah Qadir

    Isaiah Qadir

    پیش 9 ساعت

    Damn Just by looking at the thumbnail, MK fuckin up scorpions back, look at that mans posture over the years.

  8. Exar kun The dark side cosmic entity

    Exar kun The dark side cosmic entity

    پیش 9 ساعت

    Who's here before Disney butcher bastardize nerfed and watered down kotor

  9. Mrgext


    پیش 9 ساعت

    3:21 your welcome.

  10. Non-Educative Minecraft yes it exists

    Non-Educative Minecraft yes it exists

    پیش 10 ساعت

    9:16 was awesome

  11. Mul Yadi

    Mul Yadi

    پیش 10 ساعت

    12.23 pertarungannya baru keren, animasinya keren pula

  12. hiti fin

    hiti fin

    پیش 10 ساعت

    Yea IT was fun to play halo reach

  13. Christopher Chin

    Christopher Chin

    پیش 10 ساعت

    If you look closely at when atriox catches the elites blade you can see it burning his hand! The attention to detail man....

  14. Dr Graphix

    Dr Graphix

    پیش 10 ساعت

    It's a shame that they put so much work into these character designs and cutscenes only for the game itself to suck ass.

  15. Stuff 4 You

    Stuff 4 You

    پیش 10 ساعت

    3:49:11 everyone: normal *connor grabs a mans neck* Everyone: starts cheering How, just how

  16. agent


    پیش 10 ساعت

    amazing game !!!!

  17. derp Nep

    derp Nep

    پیش 10 ساعت

    Back to the rabbit hole they say~

  18. Mang Hope

    Mang Hope

    پیش 10 ساعت

    The battle against Osial is seriously insane, I had goosebumps while playing

  19. Худодод Гулмамадов

    Худодод Гулмамадов

    پیش 11 ساعت

    Every one throwing shit to Superman because they don't understand such a pain he get. I'm sure, every one could become crazy after seeing your wife and child dead from your hands

  20. Buwaneka Hapukotuwa

    Buwaneka Hapukotuwa

    پیش 11 ساعت

    I didn't have any interest in MK Games , but after i watch MK11 in this video,I realised that MK series is one of the best games that have been released😍

  21. Ramzi Ahmed

    Ramzi Ahmed

    پیش 11 ساعت

    I like his fighting skills,but still he has to check his eyes,because he misses even the simplest things.

  22. The Chronicle Gamer

    The Chronicle Gamer

    پیش 11 ساعت

    Gotta appreciate the art

  23. Asher Parks

    Asher Parks

    پیش 11 ساعت

    This game had a peak story, 100% amazing story line, character development and a perfect villain,

  24. محمد صلاح

    محمد صلاح

    پیش 11 ساعت




    پیش 11 ساعت


  26. Cool Shinji

    Cool Shinji

    پیش 11 ساعت

    I feel like skipping this game and okay the sequel



    پیش 11 ساعت

    These republic troopers actually run and gun and takes cover instead of clone troopers who just stand there and start shooting at the sky. And btw republic troopers were normal people who went through vigorous training who then had a great result in battle.

  28. Magnus Baier

    Magnus Baier

    پیش 11 ساعت

    Yeah ive played odyssey. And you know what? I hate it. It is by far the worst game that ive ever bougt. And its a shame, because I was really exited for this game, and I thik it had a lot of potential. Lazerzz's video "odyssey broke me" explains also explains my own opinion abouts this game. Odyssey is the ultimate 'dont juge a book by its cover game'. What I mean by that, is that it has the assassin's creed name on it, and pretty good graphics. But its a really bad game.

  29. Mark Ph

    Mark Ph

    پیش 11 ساعت

    I just love nurm hes so cute

  30. Deana Bahadoorsingh

    Deana Bahadoorsingh

    پیش 11 ساعت

    Oh my gosh, I used to play this game and enjoy fatalities but as the graphics evolve I just cant😫. I barely made it to the end of the video😅. Cool video tho. You guys should do a "behind the scenes" when playing these games!

  31. Alan G Lindsey

    Alan G Lindsey

    پیش 11 ساعت

    I was shocked to see that the dark lord was Doomguy

  32. Kubartirok YT

    Kubartirok YT

    پیش 11 ساعت


  33. lizsebet b

    lizsebet b

    پیش 12 ساعت

    Always my hot boi 🥵

  34. Shane Banks

    Shane Banks

    پیش 12 ساعت

    Skills sucked at the beginning. Didn't pay attention to tips and ran right up to gun holders just to swing on them🤣. Use your environment to throw things, Skills and tips man

  35. Joshua Pennington

    Joshua Pennington

    پیش 12 ساعت

    Creeper irl moment??!!1! 9:48

  36. Dragonflameace


    پیش 12 ساعت

    Kicking those Commies out of Europe is very satisfactory.

  37. R3ADY


    پیش 12 ساعت

    Here after the Mortal Kombat 2021 trailer was released. I'm so excited for this movie

  38. Dragonflameace


    پیش 12 ساعت

    Well, it's a good job nuclear weapons were made then.

  39. William Antonelli

    William Antonelli

    پیش 12 ساعت

    How did you get 1st and person



    پیش 12 ساعت


  41. Brad Davis

    Brad Davis

    پیش 12 ساعت

    “Wonder who the prowler is” if only you knew



    پیش 12 ساعت


  43. Century Memes

    Century Memes

    پیش 13 ساعت

    11:11 palmer got triggered lol

  44. Alex adetiba

    Alex adetiba

    پیش 13 ساعت

    Batman looking like darth vader

  45. Kira


    پیش 13 ساعت

    Can someone help me with that stupid toothbrush mini game? I try to unlock this trophy on my PS4 but its almost impossible. Its so damn hard i just can't do it. Im sitting on this trophy for 3 hours now. Its driving me insane :(

  46. Misspol222


    پیش 13 ساعت

    Turn on captions and pause at 2:29 Thank me later

  47. Zylux 96

    Zylux 96

    پیش 13 ساعت

    You know what Disney f you go die first you cancel star wars last assualt now you make this not Canon and then you make the last trilogy trash! Sell star wars back

  48. The Diet Hacks

    The Diet Hacks

    پیش 13 ساعت

    Real ending was better.

  49. Zylux 96

    Zylux 96

    پیش 13 ساعت

    This is the movie fans really want

  50. Whispering hunter

    Whispering hunter

    پیش 13 ساعت

    All I hear is joseph joestar

  51. Robo dev

    Robo dev

    پیش 13 ساعت

    Yeah, I need to relax lol.

  52. Your Favorite Vampire Succubus

    Your Favorite Vampire Succubus

    پیش 13 ساعت

    "Slip space rupture detected" How fucking devastating that was to hear the first time, even as a kid I knew what that meant.

  53. Jacob Vergenz

    Jacob Vergenz

    پیش 13 ساعت

    Scorpion rocked his shit, scorpion will always be my favorite so it was awesome to watch

  54. Nishant Bhirud

    Nishant Bhirud

    پیش 13 ساعت

    as said in movies, spidey never ever kills the goons, he only arrests them but clearly its not applicable in the game.....we see him literally tossing of the goons from building tops!

  55. Noodle1423


    پیش 13 ساعت

    These first cutscenes are fucking painful to watch.

  56. Rafeh Zafar

    Rafeh Zafar

    پیش 13 ساعت

    Not that I don't appreciate your work Tamil. But I was really hoping for something else 😑



    پیش 13 ساعت

    19 hours of just cutscenes? Damn I knew this was a long game but goddamn I didn’t think this long. One of the best games I’ve ever played.

  58. Sahil Shariff

    Sahil Shariff

    پیش 14 ساعت

    Watching the way this guy plays is actual aids

  59. B i N X

    B i N X

    پیش 14 ساعت

    7 minutes?

  60. Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan

    پیش 14 ساعت

    This looks unreal they must do a film like this. Look at how many sith wtf.

  61. Joseph


    پیش 14 ساعت


  62. Chou Sembiring

    Chou Sembiring

    پیش 14 ساعت

    Kenapa ga setiap menit aja iklan nya kont*l

  63. Morinth Shepard

    Morinth Shepard

    پیش 14 ساعت

    The last 5-6 Hours Mass Effect(ed) me somehow must be the Voice Actors... Ty 4 this Video got me through 1300 km german autobahn in my Rig

  64. Sindgami


    پیش 14 ساعت

    came here to see the last ending scene cause I skip it accidentally

  65. Paul Allan Baccay

    Paul Allan Baccay

    پیش 15 ساعت

    Looks lyk “Ghost Rider” skull fire?

  66. Bedou Gamer

    Bedou Gamer

    پیش 15 ساعت

    Who’s here after it was released for free in play at home

  67. Toko SetiaBudi Official

    Toko SetiaBudi Official

    پیش 15 ساعت

    1:58:56 like mission 19 at devil may cry 3

  68. lol bots

    lol bots

    پیش 15 ساعت

    "any second now my partner is going to roll up and kill every last one of you" my friend i didnt just do that. it was a full front crusade

  69. Grey King Zero

    Grey King Zero

    پیش 15 ساعت

    Watching this really shows that they had no idea what they were doing in this story the characters were either clueless or a psychopath like that guy with glasses at the beginning.

  70. Jake Lisim

    Jake Lisim

    پیش 15 ساعت

    I play this when I was kid I feel nostalgic

  71. Darth Sidious DGW

    Darth Sidious DGW

    پیش 16 ساعت

    Post Apocalyptic Disneyland

  72. Rambootan


    پیش 16 ساعت

    Where kratos lear English?

  73. Vishnu S

    Vishnu S

    پیش 16 ساعت


  74. Abdulrahman ElSabagh

    Abdulrahman ElSabagh

    پیش 16 ساعت

    This guy is such a slow thinker

  75. kaloian stoianov

    kaloian stoianov

    پیش 16 ساعت

    why my UHDTV play all Gamer's Little Playground videos on 720p ??



    پیش 16 ساعت

    you got a youtube video in ur ads

  77. Jane Armain Rivera

    Jane Armain Rivera

    پیش 16 ساعت

    How to play full season without payment?😭

  78. Xx_Rashad_xX max gamer

    Xx_Rashad_xX max gamer

    پیش 16 ساعت

    Why blisk say you can buy all toys you want hahahahaha 😂and but I like that game I wish I have that too and I like it😄😄😄😄

  79. テトラポット


    پیش 17 ساعت


  80. WahPunch


    پیش 17 ساعت

    It would be hell of an experience of any character from FF 1-5 to see any type of technology. More advanced the tech, the better the impact. Hell, FF7 Midgar (city of ff7) would blow Warrior of Light's mind. "What do you mean this company that uses electric is draining the planet of it's life energy!?" Left, right, and center, WoL would be pissed off with every step he takes